Kasu - B 3L (Kasugamycin) 250 ml

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Brand: Dhanuka

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Brand Dhanuka
Manufacturer Dhanuka Agritech Ltd
Chemical Composition Kasugamacyin 3% SL
Dosage 400-500 ml/acre
Method of Application Spray
Spectrum Cotton: angular leaf spots, vegetables: bacterial blights, Paddy: baterial blight
compatibility Compatible with most of the Fungicides and Insecticides except for very alkaline products
Duration of Effect 10 days
Frequency of Application 2 times
Applicable Crops Rice
Special Remarks It is a systemic Bactericide and also acts as Fungicide.Due to its antibiotic systemic action it translocates in to the plants very rapidly and effectively controls the diseases.
Extra Description It is safe for crops, human beings, animals and parasitoids and predators.
Weight 250 gm
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